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  • 1 Team Coach

  • 1 Designer

  • 2 Developers

Developing a Digital Business with emphasis on B2B

Iceland Travel had their eyes firmly set on the future when they partnered with Kolibri and immediately set targets towards re-developing their booking system and booking flow. From there, the partnership evolved into one that would take Iceland Travels' business into the digital age. Innovative culture and processes were implemented, and a user-first style of doing business was introduced.

Consulting as a part of the digital process

Project Highlight: Consulting

After Iceland Travel and Kolibri had been working together on building a fresh booking flow and booking system, there was a need to take the partnership to the next level. Iceland Travel worked diligently with Kolibri, gave full access to business information and together the companies were able to build a plan together in how Iceland Travel would approach the digital age.

Business critical solutions

One eye on the future

Iceland Travel is the country's largest DMC (destination management company). For years the company has been operating all over Iceland in delivering workd class experiences for discerning travelers. The company had identified a need for their business to take a turn into digital and Kolibri was contacted to help them reach those goals.

The travel industry is one that has seen a very high level of disruption time and time again. That combined with the fact that Iceland has seen an immense growth in the number of tourists meant that Iceland Travel faced a decision regarding their technical infrastructure that needed to be addressed. With a foreseeable change in user behaviour, Iceland Travel set out to seek a partner and a solution to upgrade their booking system and booking flow. This first step is a vital one for the company to meet the needs of future users and to stay on as Iceland's largest DMC.

Iceland Travel and Kolibri met and discussed ways to bring their booking engine and booking flow up to the current standard and beyond that. Kolibri instantly started working on improving both, and a team of developers, a designer, and a team coach/producer joined Iceland Travel. The team started right away to interview staff and stakeholders from Iceland Travel to identify where there were opportunities for improvement. From there a designer worked up a new user interface to build on top of a booking system that was ready to meet the needs of Iceland Travel.

After the two companies had been working together for a few months, the partnership took a new turn where Kolibri was tasked with identifying other business critical opportunities within Iceland Travel to move forward. To this day the companies are working together on solutions to maintain Iceland Travel's business at the front of the Icelandic travel industry.


Digital Products

  • 1 Designer

  • 2 Developers

Super quick currency conversion on the go is a currency calculator born out of the idea of being able to super-quickly calculate currency abroad by putting the conversion details in the URL, such as to calculate 1337 US dollars to Icelandic Króna.

In addition to being able to calculate with the URL, the minimal design allows people to browse the currencies and enter amounts through the UI. The focus was also to make this web-based app mobile first so being able to put it on the home screen, customise the start page, and use it offline to avoid roaming charges were among the main ideas.

How it was done

Project Highlight: Excellent time

Kolibri’s staff built as an experimental side project. The project was created in what is known as “excellent time” within Kolibri where employees playfully add to their skillsets and qualifications. During excellent time which is traditionally every Friday after lunch, Kolibrians either come together or work on their own in developing new products, getting certifications, reading books and do whatever they feel will make them better employees and professionals.


A focus on speed and agility

All through the design and development, the mantra for the project was lightness and speed. To be able to develop a light and fast service, a decision was made not to use a framework like AngularJS or React. Also, no extraneous packages or icon fonts were used with the same goal in mind.

To get the interactive experience we were looking for, we used ECMAScript2015 (futureproofing), Jade and Sass instead of HTML and CSS which are traditionally used in these kinds of builds. MomentJS, Swiftclick and Sortable were also used in building


Continuous improvements

As it is with most software development projects undertaken by Kolibri, Gengi is continually being worked on and iterated. Improvements continue to be made, and version 2 holds a few improvements. Firstly, now there is no need to hold a continuous online connection to get information about currency status as there is only a need to get a connection once and then the latest data imports. Now, currencies are on the home screen and there is only need to go deeper to calculate individual currencies. The number of currencies has multiplied, the calculation is easier and has been made faster and more powerful than before.

As Gengi continues to be improved, Gengi must always be super-light and fast. The features on Gengi have been met with great reviews from users who like the idea of using it while offline and having great accessibility. Users can now for example easily add Gengi to their homescreens or desktops. Gengi has minimal impact on users’ roaming fees because it is so light and fast.

The project goes to show that by devoting a little time and effort, there is an opportunity to make digital products that delight users and help Kolibrians grow.

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