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A history of good business

4 years of partnership

Kolibri and TM have been working together since 2013. Kolibri was initially contracted to develop an internal sales and inventory system called Rósin (The Rose). TM has been using that system with good results ever since it launched in 2013. Rósin is essentially a sales system that its consultants use when they are conversing with clients and prospective customers. Rósin draws its information from a database that Kolibri built and maintains.

The partnership between the companies has been exemplary. Rósin has been continually developed by Kolibri and continues to be. Many features are continually added to the service and speed and accuracy continues to be improved.

Kolibri utilises agile workflow in TM which has been essential in the success of the project. The team repeatedly delivers on time and maintains a level of quality that TM needs in their business environment.

An eye on the future

TM enhances their digital business

The partnership between TM and Kolibri has reached a stage where the two companies are now working together on building digital solutions that will keep TM at the front of insurance technology in Iceland.

While newcomers are entering the market all around Iceland, the internal insurance market has not seen the level of innovation that other industries have seen. With TM's leap into digital, that is about to change.

The companies are working together on building products and solutions that will maintain TM's commitment to being the best service provider in Iceland's insurance market. Digital solutions will play a pivotal role in this as we see future users behaving quite differently from their predecessors. TM is committed to staying ahead of the curve, and Kolibri is committed to staying shoulder to shoulder with them.

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Digital Products



  • 2 Team Coaches

  • 1 Designer

  • 4 Developers

Bringing the experience of travel to the future

Icelandair partnered with Kolibri to set up the modern technical architecture and development stack along with implementing a user-first-based approach to designing along with the added emphasis on innovation.

Modern technology and practices

Project Highlight: Coaching

In early 2016, Kolibri and Icelandair began discussing setting up a specialized division within Icelandair that would focus on the digital side of Icelandair business. This discussion evolved into a partnership between the two companies where Kolibri would provide management consulting, a team of developers, designers and team coaches to Icelandair. The Kolibri team has been embedded within Icelandair offices and are to this day providing direction and methodology which Icelandair is utilizing in building their Digital Labs.

As with any business that has to rely on online processes and payments, Icelandair acknowledged that they needed to prepare for a shift in purchasing behaviour in online travel. User behaviour is evolving at an alarming rate, and there was a need for Icelandic booking flows, booking engine, and there was a need to shift the business into a cloud based format.

Icelandair identified that when building a new digital team, there would need to be a new approach to infrastructure, where the cultural emphasis would be on innovation. In an established airline like Icelandair, there is always the chance of friction between legacy procedures and innovative ones. At this time is where Kolibri was given an opportunity to contribute in a big way. There is a clear innovative culture at Kolibri where the individuals working there love breaking ground on new and cutting edge practices. Kolibri has been at the centre of building a unique culture within the Icelandair Digital Labs and played a pivotal role in the project becoming a hub of innovation within Icelandair.

Kolibri has also worked on specialized development projects within Icelandair, like a business portal for governmental institutions. With it, government employees have a particular section to go to and purchase tickets within the framework agreement Icelandair has with the Icelandic government.

Reinventing the booking path

Project Highlight: Design

Considerable emphasis is on the user experience during the booking process. With a new shift approaching where a new user generation is coming of age and will become even more demanding than millennials, there continues to be a very high emphasis on innovation with a specific focus on user experiences. Generation Z is looking the be the most demanding generation of all regarding ease of purchasing and UX. Where travel related products will be bundled and sold in one package rather than the user needing to make multiple purchases will be more important than ever.

Kolibri and Icelandair are committed to meet the challenge head on and will make the experience of navigating through Icelandair platforms as enjoyable as traveling on the Icelandair fleet.

Icelandair UI

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Bringing the experience of travel to the future