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Done deal in 60 seconds.

Damage claims at insurance companies can be time consuming and strenuous. It‘s a lengthy process that can be very trying for those that need help because of some kind of loss or damages. TM insurance company wanted to improve customer experience during this crucial process and decided to work with Kolibri to build a digital solution that would help with the problem.

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Service quality improvement.

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A lengthy, bothersome process.

At most insurance companies the process demands that the customer makes a claim using paper or PDF applications. Next, the insurance company has to sort through and assess the claims, which can be quite time-consuming. This is usually a complicated process, both for the customer as well as the insurance company employees.

TM and Kolibri embarked on a journey with the goal of automating this process. They wanted to go back to basics and reevaluate the way claims are handled, from start to finish, instead of just converting the process from paper to digital media.

Screenshot of TM app
Screenshot of TM app

Discovery workshops.

The process only took five months, from idea to fully formed product. The collaboration was started with Discovery workshops where the project was analysed and workflow plans were defined. About three weeks after finishing the Discovery work, a prototype was ready. In January 2018 the TM app was launched. Kolibri worked closely with TM to analyse the problem, map out a solution and develop the app.

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Revolutionising customer experience.

The total process today takes about 60 seconds! 60 seconds from the moment a customer starts the process until the claim has been processed and money has been transferred to their account. This has truly revolutionized the experience that insurance company customers have had up until now. Customer experience has now been elevated and the time and money TM has to spend on processing claims are considerably lower.

Screenshot of TM app
Screenshot of TM app

„In a short amount of time, we have seen increased usage in the TM app and Vádís, our digital sales rep. Speedy service, more automation and a user-friendly interface have led to greatly improved user experience and our hope is that it will also lead to happier customers.“

Páll Ammendrup Ólafsson, Director of Business Development at TM.