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TM • Insurance sales

Vádís will guide you when buying insurance.

It can be difficult to understand exactly what different types of insurance stand for and which services you really need. With the goal of making the sales process simple and see-through, TM and Kolibri decided to develop Vádís, a virtual sales rep, that would lead customers through the sales process.

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Simple products

The biggest challenge facing the project was how to make a complicated product seem simple. The goal was to provide customers with first-class consultation to make sure they got the right insurance. To achieve that everything had to be presented in a clear and simple way so the customer could easily access all the necessary information.

Automated and uncomplicated.

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Listen and develop

The project only took six months. It began with a design sprint that provided valuable findings that were further used to guide the way throughout the design process. The end result was a prototype for a service which was then further developed by Kolibri and TM and published as soon as we had created worth for the customer. Several user tests were carried out during development to provide customer feedback that was used to improve the product.

Screenshot of TM app
Screenshot of TM app
Screenshot of TM app

Digital sales representative

Vádís guides the customer through the entire process, providing consultation and recommendations that help the customer find the insurance they need in a clear and simple way. The process is 100% digital and automated, from start to finish.

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„In a short amount of time, we have seen increased usage in the TM app and Vádís, our digital sales rep. Speedy service, more automation and a user-friendly interface have led to greatly improved user experience and our hope is that it will also lead to happier customers.“

Páll Ammendrup Ólafsson, Director of Business Development at TM.