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Valitor • Electronic application forms

More clients in less time.

In 2019 Valitor and Kolibri have been developing solutions for small and medium sized companies in Britain.

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Cash on hand or digital payments

Valitor has been providing services in Britain for quite some time. The British market provides ample opportunity since digital service development has been moving slower there compared to, f.x. Iceland and other Nordic countries.

Small and medium-sized companies have often not implemented digital payment methods and rely only on cash payments in their businesses. The process of signing up these smaller companies with Valitor can be a complicated and time-consuming process for salespeople. Based on that reason a decision was made to develop a digital service to tackle this challenge.

The user comes first.

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The prototype as a guiding light

User research and result processing marked the start of the project. Kolibri took on Discovery which included analysis of the problem and suggesting a solution for it. The results from the user research were then used as raw material for a design sprint with stakeholders from Valitor. The output from the design sprint was a digital service prototype that was ready for user testing.

This prototype served as a guiding light that was used to lead the way during the project‘s development phase. The development team could repeatedly refer to the prototype to make sure everything was going according to plan.

Three months after starting development the first version of the product was launched, ready to be used by Valitor‘s salespeople in Britain.

Powerful and precise data collection.

mobile showing a screenshot of project
mobile showing a screenshot of project

Digital process

The product is an electronic application for multiple services. The application is dynamic and fetches data automatically which is results in fewer errors and quicker processing. The application process takes a lot less time than before, which increases Valitor's potential to attract more customers.

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“I‘m very happy with our collaboration with Kolibri. Professionalism, initiative, highly qualified staff and great overall management define all their methods of work. Kolibri leads the way through a new problem-solving approach that we will most definitely use again in the future.”

Gunnar Sigurjónsson, Director of Development and Operations, Valitor