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Senior Designer

Reykjavik, Iceland

Your Role

As a Senior Designer at Kolibri you will be leading a team in the design of our customers’ products and services.

What does that mean?

This means you develop a deep understanding of our customers and users. You then lead the response to that understanding with the correct design decisions, be it UI, UX, product design, service design, etc.

What makes you the one?

We understand the value of working in teams with diverse genders and backgrounds. We would 💛️ it if you add to our diversity.

You’re a bit obsessed with figuring out the best design solution available at any given moment and iterating it as your understanding of the product or service evolves.

You love collaboration, and you’re good at it. But you also have the qualities of a leader. Your team will often be looking to you to provide direction when facing unknowns and you have a strong voice in prioritising design efforts so that high quality UI and UX is balanced with shipping value quickly. You don't shy away from tough discussions but stand firm and explain what you believe is best for the user and customer. You do all this whilst also remaining humble and always ready to iterate your understanding and ideas.

You’re a skilled communicator - able to effectively convey design concepts and decisions. You know the value of making and using design principles, building design systems. You work with people from a wide variety of backgrounds and expertise and you understand the importance of keeping them aligned with the design vision.

What is your day like?

Your work is both high-level product design and nitty gritty design details. Sometimes there’ll be projects where you handle all the UI design, and other times when you’re collaborating with others. Between design sprints, sketching, wireframing, prototyping, and demoing, you’ll also find yourself sharing ideas and discussing the latest design trends with co-workers across the office. Sounds good, right?


Get to know Kolibri

Kolibri is an innovation-focused software company that works with Iceland's largest companies. We believe in modern practices such as design thinking, agile, DevOps, and the well-being of our people. We’re a bunch of passionate techies that love to build products and solve problems for our clients.


Kolibri HQ

Find your flow in a beautiful, well-located office with sea views (and an excellent coffee machine).


At times working remotely is more productive. Be where you need to get the job done and care for your family.


Enjoy 25 days of paid vacation every year to recharge and explore.


We really care about food. Enjoy quality lunches daily, and a kitchen stocked with snacks and drinks.

Tools of the trade

You’ll recieve all the kit you need to do your best work. Computer, phone, and accessories.

Money Dollar Bills

In the competitive Icelandic software scene, we’re proud to offer attractive compensation to our staff, and an open salary policy.


Care about the environment? Take advantage of our commuter grant - bikes, buses, and more.

Level Up

Every Kolibrian enjoys Kindle and Audible subscriptions, enabling continual learning.

Work is life

Kolibri offers one-on-one life coaching that allows employees to explore what they want from life and how they can achieve it.

Be Excellent

Fridays are excellent days, where we use our afternoons to work on learning, side projects or other ways of bettering ourselves.

Diversity matters

Healthcare & Education

Access to free, or almost free, Icelandic healthcare, education, and Kindergartens.

Moving from abroad?

We’ll help where we can with all the Stuff that needs doing when you move to Iceland.

Take a (tax) break

Take advantage of the 25% ´foreign specialist´ tax deduction for your first three years in Iceland.

Ég tala ekki Íslensku

Though we work in English, we’ll pay for your Icelandic classes if you want them.

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Please send your details with a CV attached as well as any useful links (to portfolio, Dribbble, etc.).