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Digital creatives and business people working together for better results.


Innovative approach to business

Kolibri Services

Kolibri Services

Kolibri services are centered around helping our clients fulfill their potential by combining best practices in software development with insider business domain knowledge.

Digital creatives and business people working together

When our specialists combine their efforts with internal business stakeholders, there are very few limits to how far we can reach together. By working closely together with companies, we have been able to build more networked and efficient cultures with them.

Team coaching and effective roll-out methodologies

With a high emphasis placed on continuous delivery of software solutions joined with a team approach to doing business, we have been able to break down silos within organisations and extract maximum value out of businesses.

What am I getting with Kolibri Services?

Exceptional talents

Top class designers, developers, and team coaches with years of experience.

Insider knowledge

Solutions based on trends and transforming user behaviour. Our specialists base their design and build on data gathered on markets and systems being used.

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Focused tasks with a big impact