Satisfying work

Challenging, yet so rewarding

We are proud of the fact that we are not just fun to be around, but people also experience empowerment, growth and passion in our workplace.

We have conducted weekly anonymous job satisfaction surveys for several years, initially with Peakon, but since the beginning of 2023, we have been using Moodup. Below are the main results from the end of the year 2023.

We don't just pat ourselves on the back when the numbers look good. We take notice when something goes off track and respond with actions.

* The benchmark is the average of companies in software development and services during the same period in Moodup.

NPS (promoter score)
54 benchmark*
Job satisfaction
8,1 benchmark*
7,5 benchmark*
8,2 benchmark*
8,1 benchmark*
Peer relationships
8,5 benchmark*

We are the 2023 Workplace of the Year in Iceland according to Great Place To Work™ and certified as a top-tier workplace by Moodup.

Great Place to Work™
2nd in Iceland
Top-tier Workplace
Our Purpose

We develop people and companies to their fullest potential

Everything we do is shaped by curiosity, ambition, and radical collaboration.

Kolibri was founded in 2007 as Sprettur (e. Sprint). In the early years, the service revolved around Agile consulting and coaching companies in better organization and teamwork in software development. Making it more humane, enjoyable, and efficient.

But efficiency and job satisfaction are of little use without good design, and so the company merged with the design studio Form5 under the name Kolibri in 2014. This brought together software development in teams, a progressive culture, and ambitious digital design into the powerhouse that Kolibri is today.

Professional ambition is a key factor at Kolibri. We are committed to delivering high-quality code, exceptional user experiences, ensure accessibility, and provide unparalleled value for our customers.

We place strong emphasis on equality, inclusion and diversity. We don't just talk about these values; we actively practice them, both at work and during our interactions. We also consider the environment and make mindful decisions that contribute to sustainability.