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The roles

Positions at Kolibri

We are all in different roles, but we team up to develop outstanding digital solutions. The roles are listed below, along with any current vacancies that we are looking to fill.


At Kolibri, we hire developers who are passionate about writing high-quality code that delivers an excellent user experience.

Our developers may have a preference for either front-end or back-end development, but they are generally skilled in handling the entire technology stack.


At Kolibri, we hire designers with extensive knowledge in digital design. They possess a deep understanding of UI/UX design and work based on the principles of user-centered design.

Additionally, many of our designers specialize in product design within our product development teams.

UX Specialists

Kolibri specializes in user experience (UX) and has experts in user research and service design. These experts deeply immerse themselves in the lives and work of end users through interviews, observations, and other data collection methods. They also test our solutions with the same group. Additionally, they lead workshops to redesign services and processes based on user needs.

Project Managers

We are hiring

Project management at Kolibri is about much more than just delivering on-time and on-budget. Kolibri's project managers serve as advisors to our clients in digital matters and help them implement positive changes in their organizations.

Our project managers act as coaches who build and lead cross-functional teams that achieve success for our clients. We promote collaboration that unleashes the power of innovation and better teamwork for our clients.

We approach things with a product mindset, a philosophy that is based on the premise that the journey is never finished, and focused on achieving business results rather than merely building things.

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