We have been developing solutions for mobile devices since their early days. Smartphones and tablets are everywhere, and apps have long outgrown their infancy. However, there is still a vast untapped potential for apps to enhance the user experience.

The service

A better service experience with an app

On or off the beaten path?

Some apps are created quickly and undergo minimal changes. In these projects, user needs are already known and similar apps exist for similar services. In such cases, the main focus should be on creating an exceptional user experience, launching the app quickly, and maintaining it with minimal effort.

On the other hand, some apps evolve over a longer period of time. When there is no existing template, thorough exploration and incremental product development are required. We recommend using the approach that best suits each situation.

Is an app always necessary?

To establish a closer connection with users, an app is the way to go. As a general guideline, an app can greatly enhance the service experience when customers require frequent service. On the other hand, for irregular transactions, the web is more suitable. As with any digital solution, it always pays off to consider the intended purpose and explore all possibilities before deciding on the type of solution to develop.

In a nutshell

What we do

  • Develop an app with well-defined functionality
  • Release to app stores
  • Maintenance and updates
  • Redesign of current apps

Typical approach


  • 1 designer
  • 2 programmers


  • Project manager
  • UX specialist

Typical project duration

  • 4 months +


  • Complex apps are developed by a product development team
  • Research and discovery is front-loaded
  • Minimize scope and simplify to deliver faster and save costs

Solutions from this service