Working at Kolibri

An ambitious, diverse, and creative team. Management that is all about empowerment, transparency, and respect. Challenges that we tackle by collaborating. That's how we roll at Kolibri.

What is Kolibri?

We are a different kind of digital agency

... and we are proud of it

We put people first, not just in our words but in our actions. People with the relevant expertise make all decisions, whether they pertain to the company’s operations or client projects. We believe that people are creative, reliable, and motivated to use their skills for good. By adopting this approach, we have seen people flourish in their work and deliver remarkable success for our clients.


What qualities do we value?

Initiative and self-organization

There are no bosses at Kolibri. We work together in teams and take charge of our own work. To thrive in this kind of setup, it is good to have drive and think in solutions - but it can also be important to know how to say no and manage our own workload.

Curiosity and courage

We never want to stand still. We can always improve and we have the courage to go off the beaten path and learn new things. We welcome a curious mindset and encourage people to ask questions. We want people to challenge the status quo. We never want to hear "because we've always done it this way" and instead see good ideas being implemented. And the people have the power to do that.


Although we always embrace progress,, we expect changes to be made in good agreement and with the well-being of employees and best interests of our clients in mind. We encourage honest feedback, but it should be delivered thoughtfully. We are a community and part of a larger society. Thus, we value qualities such as empathy, emotional intelligence and social awareness.

Giving and receiving feedback

At Kolibri, we value open and honest communication. We address issues directly and avoid unnecessary delays. We are too passionate about the results of our work to let it diminish due to complacency. We consider feedback from colleagues and customers as a valuable opportunity for improvement.

Sincerity and vulnerability

We understand that no one is perfect. The last thing we want is for people to pretend to be perfect or hide their weaknesses by wearing a mask. Therefore, sincerity and vulnerability are important values within Kolibri. It is crucial that we feel comfortable asking for help. We must also acknowledge our mistakes. Without this openness, we cannot support great ideas or solve complex problems together.

Purpose and growth

We don’t settle for mediocrity. We have a passion for doing excellent work, in a way that makes us feel good. A large part of Kolibri's success over the years is based on our dedication to learning new methods, work practices, and technologies. We expect our people to be on a constant journey towards professional growth and personal development.


Our operating system

We believe that people are capable and make decisions with the best interests of the company, customers, and stakeholders in mind. Therefore, we reject traditional power structures and prioritize individual autonomy and collaboration.

To make this possible, we have established what we call our operating system. It consists of various disciplines and approaches that we have learned and adopted over time. These approaches have proven their value in terms of employee satisfaction, productivity, and successful operations.

The rules of engagement

Holacracy serves as the basis for our authority distribution rules. It brings clarity to responsibilities within Kolibri. Instead of being tied to individuals, responsibilities are assigned to roles. Roles can be reassigned to different people based on their knowledge, interests, and abilities. Roles, responsibilities, and governance undergo regular changes driven by the individuals they impact. Decision-making authority is clearly defined, and no single person has control over everything.

The Core Protocols are a major inspiration for us when it comes to positive communication. They also inspire successful collaboration. One of the practices we adopt is regular check-ins, where we share how we are doing. This helps build trust and understanding of each other's circumstances. It also normalizes the discussion of emotions - which is one of our openly secret weapons.

The principles of Design Thinking and Agile development have a significant impact on our approach to project planning and daily work. We think a lot about the impact of what we are developing. We consider its effects on users, stakeholders, society, and the environment.

We want to quickly move from the idea of a solution, get feedback from real users to validate the solutions, and deliver them incrementally. Transparency is a key priority for us, as it is essential for distributing authority. For people to truly participate in shaping the company's future and driving change, they must have access to all relevant information. This includes open disclosure of financial figures, budgets, and salary details within Kolibri.

Diversity and inclusion

We prioritize hiring people who not only fit into our culture and share our values, but also bring something new and unique to the table. We develop digital solutions for a wide range of people. We believe it’s crucial to have a diverse team with strong empathy. They work together to ensure all perspectives are considered.

We are proud to have achieved gender ratios that are significantly more balanced than the industry average. Since late 2022, we have maintained an equal representation of women and men in positions at Kolibri. This includes both our management and executive boards.


If you have a passion for digital development and believe you have something to contribute to the culture as described above, do not hesitate to get in touch with us, whether you're curious to know more or keen on joining the team.

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