Good design is not just about being good-looking. Companies that focus on design and making their designs work for users and customers are simply setting themselves up success.

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Good design means good business

What do the hard sciences say about design?

According to research, companies that prioritize design are overall more successful than those that do not. Design-driven companies delivered 228% higher profits than comparable companies (S&P 500) over a 10-year period according to data from the Design Management Institute (2014). Revenues grow 32% faster and profitability is 56% higher in design-driven companies according to a study by McKinsey (2018).

Design is not just about appearance

It’s not just about making things look good. Design is about the overall experience and making things feel right for people. Good design makes all the difference for user experience and delivers value in the form of growing revenue and customer loyalty.

But look and feel matters too

It's hard to be the first mover when it comes to approaching customers with digital breakthroughs. Thus, how the service is packaged visually can make a big difference. Effective branding and a compelling digital presence can capture people's attention and generate the desired emotional impact.

In a nutshell

What we do

  • User interfaces for websites, apps and other solutions
  • Branding and style guides
  • Creative direction and strategy
  • Design systems
  • Design sprints
  • Prototypes and user testing
  • Evaluation and auditing of design, accessibility and the user journey

Typical approach


  • 1+ designer


  • Project manager
  • UX specialist
  • Kolibri design team


  • Research-based and user-centric approach to design
  • The extensive capabilities of Kolibri's design team are harnessed through regular collaboration and feedback.
  • Regular meetings with clients

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