Product Development

Our development teams solve big challenges. They develop digital products and services in close collaboration with our clients. We offer an approach that delivers maximum success in digital transformation. Kolibri helps you move faster, in a partnership that constantly exceeds your expectations.

The service

Optimized digital development and innovation

Digital product development that simplifies people's lives and work

For service organizations, offering user-friendly self-service is crucial. The best digital products are designed to meet the genuine needs of customers. These products empower users while  improving backstage efficiency.

Can established companies move quickly?

New startups are regularly founded that revolutionize service delivery. They introduce new ways to provide the service rather than digitizing old ways of working. It can be challenging for larger or established companies to adapt and compete effectively in this environment. These companies need to embrace the mindset of agile startups, which often use time and resources in remarkable ways and swiftly implement their ideas.

High-performing teams that sense and respond

Our product development teams work like well-oiled machines. They combine constant innovation with flawless execution. They quickly bring new ideas to life and help our clients  maximize their investments through sound advice. Our creative approach and effective management practices has improved job satisfaction and sparked new discoveries within our client companies for over 15 years. Our work and communication style not only inspire but also impart valuable knowledge that our clients can apply to future projects.

In a nutshell

What we do

  • Software development
  • Custom solutions
  • Complex web solutions
  • Mobile solutions
  • Self-service and digital service

Typical approach


  • 1 delivery lead
  • 1 designer
  • 2-4 developers


  • UX specialist

Typical project duration

  • 6 months +


  • The team is dedicated to one client
  • Strong team cohesion, structured workflow, and clear objectives
  • Often, staff from the client are part of the team
  • Deep knowledge of operations and data is formed within the team
  • Constant innovation and discussion about new possibilities and changes
  • Continuous improvements based on research and data

Solutions from this service